Having a baby is the
next chapter of your

love story.

We think your childbirth class should be fun like a date!

Go on 5 birth-focused dates with your partner to prepare for a confident birth experience so that you can have less pain, fewer interventions, and feel safe, loved and connected as you give birth TOGETHER!

Are you feeling anxious to give birth?

Worry your partner might not know how to support you?

Are you desiring less interventions and a more natural experience?


Birth Dates

Imagine going into labour full of confidence and knowing exactly what to do when the contractions start.

Imagine how it would feel to have a partner right beside you knowing how to bring you hands on comfort, love and support.

Imagine the feeling of giving birth as a team, knowing you have the tools to have an empowering birth story to tell your baby for years to come.

What you'll learn on your Birth Dates



Foundations for a Healthy Labour

Learn 10 practical ways to have a shorter labor & reduce the risk of unnecessary interventions.



Labour is NOT Like the Movies!

Discover what birth really looks and feels like, and how your partner can support you each step of the way so the birthing parent feels safe and loved...even when it gets hard.



Your Birth, Your Choice

Be empowered to know ALL your birth options so you can be an active participant in creating a positive birth that feels best for YOU!



When Birth Needs Help

Learn how to calmly navigate medical interventions, inductions and cesarean births, so that you know what is truly needed and how to be an informed decision maker for you and your baby’s health and safety.



Ready, Set, Baby!

Time to pack your birth bag with hands-on tools, comfort measures and positions to reduce pain in labour! During a full labour rehearsal, you will put into practice your coping skills and connection to experience how ready you are to give birth TOGETHER!

What Couples are Saying


“Birth Dates was such an excellent experience for me and my husband. Sherilee is AMAZING! The information she provides in her classes is pure gold and made us feel empowered to take on such a big life event. 

I felt so prepared to go into labor which was a huge relief. We had so many tools that we learned to help us through everything. My husband knew exactly how to coach me through every step because of this class!”
– Hana & Justin


“This Birth Dates class was life-changing. I can’t imagine going into labor without it. The amount of evidence-based knowledge we gained was so valuable and has helped us feel prepared for whatever comes our way!

Besides making us feel completely prepped, confident, and at ease for birth, it allowed us some real bonding moments as a couple. The guided activities were fun and brought us closer together during this precious time of pregnancy.”
– Wes & August


My husband and I took the Birth Dates and we would wholeheartedly recommend it! We were hoping to gain more tools for a natural childbirth, and that is just what we got!

We can without a doubt say that the class helped us achieve the positive birth experience we were hoping for. The class helped me and my partner feel capable and confident, and ultimately was the reason I was able to make it through without an epidural. This class is completely worth the investment and will help you have the positive birth experience you’re looking
for!” – Anna

What's Included

ONLY $397

This gives you lifetime access to prepare for Baby #1 and all future babies!

Pricing Guarantee:

I personally guarantee after taking Birth Dates, you and your partner will feel confident for birth, knowing realistic, hands-on coping strategies to bring comfort and connection in labour, or your money back.

I’m Sherilee, your Birth Date creator...

Being a birth worker for over 15 years, I have heard many say their childbirth education felt more like an anatomy class, didn’t prepare them and sadly…super boring. Bringing a baby into the world is anything but boring! I believe that childbirth is one of the most transformational experiences for couples and when they have the right tools, education and connection they can have the most amazing and positive birth experience.

My intention in creating Birth Dates is to give a space for pregnant couples to learn about birth in a fun, engaging way, reduce their fears and to ultimately experience birth as a true team. This style of preparation has allowed parents to feel more supported and connected, helping them parent better together after bringing Baby home. I have taught over 1000 couples and I truly believe that even though you can’t control your birth, how you feel in your birth matters.

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Want Your Partner to Do MORE Than Just Give You Ice Chips?!

Here are 100 ways they can help you in labour!

Get instant access to our amazing collection of 100 Ways Your Partner Can Support You in Labour! Trust us…these things can make a world of difference in your birth, and they are yours for FREE just for stopping by.


This class is all about giving you the tools and strategies to use with what YOUR birth hopes and desires are. I respect each couples choices and values and believe they will know what is best for them. Birth takes work no matter what, and you will learn so much to help you have a better birth.

Yes…and WAY more useful than another onsie!

All families are treasured and welcome, regardless of race, religion, sexuality, gender, ability, size or partner status.

These are self paced classes that are designed to work with your schedules. Some couples are due super soon and take them all in a few weeks, others space them out and take them over a few months. However works for you, that’s the goal!

Absolutely. If you are committed to wanting to labour without medication, this class is full of coping strategies and tools to work with your body, and how your partner can help.

Sherilee Peters AAHCC | IPPA | CE

Certified Childbirth Educator | Lamaze & Bradley Method Certified | Certified Birth & Postpartum Doula