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I had to be induced… but still had the unmedicated birth I hoped for.

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A common fear of birth is having to be induced. Read this first-time mom’s story of how her birth plan had to change, but how she was able to still give birth naturally, as she dreamed of. 

I just knew that I wanted “a natural birth” because my own mother went the same route when she had me. Being pregnant during a pandemic was a challenge in so many ways. I couldn’t have my husband at my doctor appointments, I couldn’t see any of my family members or friends. I wanted to take in-person birthing classes, but that just wasn’t going to be an option during COVID-19.

When I found Baby Nest and inquired about my options, I initially asked about group Bradley Method classes. The owner Sherilee was so sweet in trying to accommodate our needs and gave us another amazing option to get prepared, since we had just missed the cutoff for virtual group classes. We were able to take their 5-week self-paced class called Birth Dates, which would prepare my husband and me both for birth, and without even knowing, prepare us to have an empowering induction.

That was good enough for us! I appreciated the time Sherilee took to meet with us and go over the class materials and make sure we felt comfortable about where we were in regards to our preparation for birth. 

Fast forward to my due date, October 14, 2021, and there was no sign of our little one! Part of my birth plan was to wait to go into labor naturally, as I really didn’t want an induction.  My midwife at Providence Portland would only allow me to go about a week and a half past my due date before scheduling an induction.

Being induced sounded terrifying, but I remembered what we learned about in our Birth Dates Class – that inductions can be slow, informed, and helpful when necessary. Plus we had hired an amazing doula named Maria Armstrong through Baby Nest, so I felt some comfort in knowing that I would have a strong support system while in the hospital.

My induction was scheduled for 10pm the night of Monday, October 26th. We arrived at the local Portland, Oregon hospital and I was prepped and given my first dose of misoprostol as my chosen induction method. Then I was told to “try and get some rest”. I think I woke up 3 or 4 times during the night so the midwife could take my vitals and give me two more doses of misoprostol. This induction method can take some time and the contractions didn’t start until about midday on Tuesday the 27th.

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I wanted to have a slow induction and try natural induction techniques as well. Our doula was so helpful in advocating for me and my birth wishes. I tried all the things. I was hooked up to the hospital-grade breast pump (which can help create oxytocin and help contractions intensify). I tried changing positions so often that it was uncomfortable. I even tried sitting in the bathtub with the lights off and LED candles placed all around the bathroom. We did it all!

My contractions would get strong and then they would fade, this went on for the next 27 hours into Wednesday the 28th. At this time we knew my body needed more help to have stronger contractions. I agreed to be given Pitocin to increase my contractions. Pitocin was not on my birth plan, but at that point after being in labor for so long and my body was so exhausted, that I was fine with getting Pitocin.

By Wednesday, I was sitting on the birth ball, hanging onto a sheet, and standing up doing a hip sway almost like a booty dance (lol). The hip-swaying was what finally prompted me to start pushing! After almost 2 hours of pushing, our sweet baby Cosmo was born at 3:23pm on Wednesday, October 28th, 2020. He was 7 pounds, 5 ounces. 41 hours of labour, that started with an induction, and I did it without an epidural!

Even though my birth plan didn’t go exactly how I wanted it to, I am still proud of myself for giving birth without the epidural! I felt so strong and empowered going through the birthing process with the knowledge I had gained from taking the Birth Dates class and having a doula with us every step of the way.

We’ve already been talking about having a 2nd baby! I hope other women can read my story and feel confident and hopeful that everything will work out, no matter what your birth plan looks like.

Inspired by this birth story? Hoping you too can navigate the twists and turns that can come in labour? Hoping to feel as empowered and connected with your partner during the birth?

We got you! You too can prepare for a birth experience with confidence and teamwork, just like this couple.

Birth Dates is more than a birth class. This class is designed to unite the couple for birth and most especially for parenthood. Learn about what the 5-week series covers and how you will walk away with confidence over fear of birth. Learn more here!

Thank you to the beautiful and courageous Sera for sharing her story of hard work and triumph of coming through a changed birth vision positively. Having a baby should be the next chapter to your love story. Take Birth Dates classes to start your journey towards a more positive birth experience.

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Sherilee Peters

Owner and founder of Baby Nest Birth Services for over 18 years she has been supporting parents to have empowering births and postpartum experiences. Growing up on a recreational farm in Canada watching animals give birth from a young age is where she had her first realization of how natural the birth process could be. She is a mother of two, a Birth & Postpartum Doula, a Bradley Method Birth instructor and certified placenta specialist in the Vancouver, WA and Portland, OR areas.

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